Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Vacation:  Couldn't I be leaving today?

Dear Cute Bathing Suits:  Please be on the racks in my size this weekend.  I'm tired of find THE ONE and it being too small or too big.  

Dear San Diego Weather:  It is July, did you not know that?  No more of this June Gloom and May Gray.  Please and thank you.  

Dear Bachelorette:  Emily, you make me want to throw up.  I mean, I think you're cute, and all, but something about you drives me crazy.  And get it together, Arrie is a creep, Jef is a baby, and Sean is where it's at.  Enough said.  

Dear Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream:  I was craving you for weeks and thought I could go without, but I couldn't.  So I caved and now you're all I think about.  The worst part is, you're not even my favorite! 

Dear Life:  Let's kick it in to high gear.  I want to have some fun and smile more.  I mean, I smile a lot, but I want more reasons to smile.  

Dear Country music:  Thank you for getting me through each and every day.  You make my head and my heart smile.  I really need to go line dancing or something, because I really keep thinking about it.  


Enjoy your weekend! 

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